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The Simple Rule Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Admitting that I could not do everything on my own and I needed help with my business was a hard, dark moment earlier this year, but now I can honestly say I have never looked back! I found everything I was looking for in a business coach. He is a soundboard, a giver of objective advice (with his years of experience, that’s really valuable) and the occasional under the butt kicker who helps me focus on my goals and how to achieve them.

(I know I just gave my business coach, Albert, a glowing review. If you want find out more about him, visit his website here.)

This week he presented me with a concept that makes perfect sense for people like me who need to save time to get to the important things. Simple Rules. It’s a time saver and a just another thing you can do to make your business run smoother.

Who doesn’t need that??

Does it take too long to vet a new client / supplier? Is this what’s holding your business back? Well, then make a simple rule which you can apply in order to assist you in making that decision quicker. Craft your rules around your own personal knowledge and experience.


For example, in future, when hiring a new supplier, you’re going to ask yourself these questions:

  • Where they referred by someone you trust/ respect?
  • Are they located in the same province?
  • Have they responded to your enquiry email within 5 hours?


If you can answer YES to all of those questions, test your simple rule and if necessary, refine it.


Simple Rules is a strategy that has been used by large successful organisations such as GOOGLE. When Google discovered that their hiring policy was too cumbersome and recruiting developers was taking too much time, (they needed them RIGHT NOW), they crafted a Simple Rule that included: if they person has a quirky idiosyncrasy – hire him! (Reasoning: he will be passionate and detail orientated and find solutions). Also: if there are any inconsistencies on the CV – discard the application. (Reasoning: no time for bluffers).


Crafting a Simple Rule starts with IDENTIFYING A SPECIFIC BOTTLENECK IN YOUR BUSINESS and then coming up with criteria that will help you create rules in that area.


Simple Rule Tips

  • Limit the criteria to no more than 5 things
  • Incorporate your personal experience – what you know to be true
  • Be as specific as possible


Here is my Simple Rule for creating online content

  • The content must be valuable to entrepreneurs
  • It must be short and punchy
  • It needs one image
  • At least one external link


I hope you found this article helpful! If I can help with anything else, drop me line!



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