Market your business by creating a customer avatar

The journey of marketing your small business in the digital space starts with creating a customer avatar.

Your marketing efforts need to speak to your customer – correction: your
IDEAL Customer. Does it?


Imagine you had insight into everything your customer thought of before buying your service.

If you did, you’d know exactly what sold them on your service in the first place.

Now imagine you could replicate that. Again. And again. And again.

There is a way to do this. Understanding your IDEAL customer will help you market your business more effectively.

Think about your IDEAL customer.

In order to scope your Ideal customer, you have to create a fictional persona. Going forward this will be called your marketing avatar.

Build your marketing avatar by answering these questions.
Feel free to attach a picture of your avatar to be even more specific.


– Come up with fun fictional name that links them to a specific service / product you are offering i.e. Willie the Winemaker / Ronnie the Restaurant Owner

Age?                 Married?               Children?

Lives where?                                School Attended?            Job Title?

Profession?                 Household Income?        Hair color?

Eyes?                           Weight?

For B2B customers: 

Industry?                         Sells to?                    Annual Revenue?

Number of Employees?                                    Located at?

Years in Business?

What else do you know about your ideal customer?

What do they aspire to?

What are their fears?

Where do they go to get reliable recommendations?

How do they use social media?

Here are some more critical questions you need to ask yourself about your IDEAL Customer.

List at least 3 problems your ideal customer is having that makes them an ideal customer for your business.

What is the worst thing that could possibly happen to your ideal customer if their problem isn’t eventually solved?

What is the best thing that could possibly happen to your ideal customer if their problem is solved?

As you can tell….This is not a 10 minute exercise.

Creating a Customer Avatar takes a lot of critical thinking and there many more refined questions you’ll have to answer in order to really start speaking to your customer’s needs.

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  • Once we know who they are, how they think and what their expectations are- we’ll know which product or service you can sell them,
  • And how to tailor your marketing efforts to reach them.

*Note this is private session for up to 2 persons of the same company. – Cape Town and Surrounds

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While your business may have more than one type of Ideal Customer, in this session we will only have time to work on one.

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